Reflected on Sauris Lake
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NS Suite

An exclusive retreat where luxury meets nature

Imagine a place where the fluidity of space shapes your senses, where well-being takes on a dimension that goes beyond relaxation and is enriched by colours and sparkling reflections, in an elegant dialogue between man and nature. A harmonious setting to enjoy a new way of experiencing time, where less means more and tranquillity becomes sober refinement. Now open your eyes.

You are experiencing the reality of our Suites overlooking Lake Sauris.

Here, the depths of the water revive the earth, bountiful nature offers glimpses of eternal beauty, daily routine dissolves, and the essence of things transforms into inspiration. Luxury whispered softly so as not to disturb the ethereal silence of the woods and mountains, a poetic design that is light and graceful.


Our open-space suites are a balanced combination of lines, materials, and volumes that leave room for the surrounding nature, enchanting windows on the majesty of Lake Sauris. Let yourself be embraced by the nuances of an unforgettable experience among design, comfort, and charming atmospheres that invite you to rediscover yourself in a unique and unforgettable sensory journey.


A hidden gem among the Carnic Alps, Sauris is a concentration of symbolism and existentialism, set in the magnificence of the mountain environment and the extraordinary ancestral nature of its elements, where the sense of magic survives eternally.